a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Weekend roundup

We got a tad more snow than expected on Saturday. That predicted half-inch was more like five when everything was over. It didn't stop me from doing almost everything I had planned except for getting to the post office before it closed at noon on Saturday.

Saturday's crafting experience was less crowded and far more laid back than expected. I definitely liked it, and hope to do it again sometime. The house was very well laid-out and the hostess had plenty of table space for the seven sewing machines and sergers sitting about, along with the three people cutting fabric, etc. We had one knitter and one chain-mailer too. I got all eight panels of my skirt cut and sewn, including laying in the pockets and the zipper. I still need to do the waistband and hem it.

Saturday night I hung out with D_Muse. We stayed up late talking, like ya do, and I ended up absolutely covered in cat fur.

Sunday's birthday party at the in-laws went well. None of the veggies were edible, but I'm used to that by now. Everyone was in good space; the company was fine and the evening was congenial. We got to see plans for a bathroom remodel that left me drooling: walk-in shower with built-in bench and three different levels of shower nozzles. Taz-dog decided that we were the right people for her, and so I ended up covered in dog hair.

CK's team won his hockey game 8-1.
Tags: hockey, sewing, social

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