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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Celebrating Love on Valentine's Day 
15th-Feb-2010 11:03 am
This is a day late, but it is still a very nice point to be made about the importance of Valentine's Day, and how bashing it may be both extreme and beside the point. (I got this link through Sihaya09's post.)

Happy Valentine's Day. Geoff bless us. Every one.

Here's an excerpt:

Valentine's Day, boys and girls, entered the Western mind in Chaucer's Parlement of Foules, fully-realized as a day to celebrate love via an obscure saint, with red hearts and everything. Yes, celebrated in an allegorical bird-nation, but guess what? That makes it even more awesome. I will take a holiday my buddy Geoff invented over almost any other. If I had my way, we'd start exchanging bird-themed gifts and ditch Cupid... ...The fact is, some human made up every single holiday there is. They're ALL fake. No one is more real or authentic than any other. At least this one was invented by a broke poet instead of a bunch of sex-starved priests...

...And more than Geoff--think about it for a second. In the midst of winter, we are encouraged to come together and have sex (let's not be coy.) To escape the snow and ice in each others' bodies. The colors are red and rose and white--the colors of fire in the winter, of blood, of flesh, survival even in the barren times. We exchange
hearts, the very vital core of our bodies. It is the last holiday before spring, to remind us that the fertile world will come again, with flowers and sweetness and love. Even surrounded by death, by blood on the snow, be it St. Valentine's blood or your own, life will win out.
15th-Feb-2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
Aw, I like that.
15th-Feb-2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
Very nice. That does make me a little more patient about the holiday.
16th-Feb-2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
::nod:: Yes, I liked this essay quite a bit. It helped explain that this is not the "Hallmark Holiday" that the TV commercials try to make it. I also like the points that this is celebrating romace in the classic sense rather than sappy schmoop.
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