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Goat baby names, let the games begin!

Goat babies are due to arrive in less than a month. I'm contemplating off-the-wall classic book references for possibilities this year. One set of names for boy twins that I keep considering is Gyre and Gimble (though maybe I need a girl-goat named Wabe first?).

For two years running, I talked about doing storybook mice names. (reference) I'm no longer really interested in that idea, though Bianca was a fine name for a good-looking kid.

Other names lists are here, 2, 3, 4, and the list of previously used names is here.

The Great Alta/Alta Jouster's joke is still funny to me, so if Anna has a black-haired son, he might end up as Kiron. Ari and Owen are also still good names in my head, for either a HUGE (Ari) or a very small (Owen) dark boy goat. I'm thinking about Jirel as a possibility if Alys has a daughter, or if that's just asking for mispronounciations.

I did not get anyone sonogrammed this year, so the question of how many is entirely a guess. My bets for this year are 6 total kids out of 4 moms (two sets of twins). I'm betting on a straight 50/50 split for boys and girls. Just to lay it out, here are my specific guesses/hopes:

Alys x Loki - one redhead female (oh please!)
Anna x Cookie - mixed-sex twins, one white and one black (just like her mom throws)
Dahlia x Jared - one solid black male (Because she had a striped female last time. Yes, I know it doesn't work that way. Hush.)
Mona x Jared - mixed-sex twins, one striped and one solid black.

Last year, in order of appearance:
Alys x Loki - Apollo (red)
Mona x Loki - Bernard (white)
Anna x Cookie - Bianca (white)
Dahlia x Jared - Orchid (striped black)
reference, with photos of everyone in birth order last year.

Babies are due any time after March 7th. Tune in for the continuing story...
Tags: angoras, breeding, naming

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