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Pirates for Hispanola - Saturday night at Piratz Tavern

The Vagabonds state: Hail Folks!! Come out this Saturday to Piratz Tavern to support Haiti at “Pirates for Hispaniola.” A Letter of Marque benefit featuring Letter of Marque (of course), Scales and Crosstones, Pirates for Sail, Brad Howard, and others. Also invited are Gael in the Harbor, Ship's Company Chanteymen. Also performing will be belly dancers Trinity Ane, Samar, and Rosie Fraser!

Or, as the Pirates for Sail say, Join Calico Jenny, Letter of Marque, Captain Fletcher T. Moone, Pirates for Sail, Scales and Crosstones, the Ship’s Company Chanteymen, Jonathan Strum, Son of Strum/Gael in the Harbor, the Vagabonds, and more for a benefit for the victims of the Haitian earthquake. Piratz Tavern will be offering drink specials and donating a portion of the proceeds of those sales to the cause. Suggested donation of $10. All donations to go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and are tax deductible.

Timing looks something like 7-11 PM.

Though, really, with that many pirates showing up, where are the patrons going to sit? I count at least 25 people listed as performers, even when you single count the people who perform with multiple groups.

Tax-deductable? Do they really plan to issue receipts? That'll be a trip. A bunch-o-pirates, a noisy room full of beer and singing, and they are going to be able to keep track of who is giving what kinds of money? I wouldn't bother trying. In my mind, I think this is a "give what you can and taxes be damned" event. The people in Haiti are so poor that there was nothing warehoused for them to loot after the earthquake broke down civilization. We can stand to skip a line item deduction of $20.
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