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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Mona baby boy update (birth +1 day) 
3rd-Mar-2010 06:49 am
Mona's baby is still alive this morning, walking and talking and getting doted on by his mom. Mona is certainly displaying all of the right signs of mommyhood this year. She is talking and grunting and nuzzling him like she should. She is also none too pleased with me for picking him up to check for full tummy and warm mouth. His tummy isn't all the way full, but it's ok, and his mouth is warm.

Mona is not allowing him to nurse off of her right side, but since he's a single I'm not sweating that little issue just yet. Last year she had a huge sore on that teat, so it could be permanent scarring/soreness there. We're going to milk her out on that side and save the colostrum and milk in case any of the other goat babies have issues.

As for the other girls: Dahlia seems... to have studied zen, and does not appear nearly as enormous as the others. Anna is as big as a small hippo. Alys is turning red in the back. I have no guesses as to when or who is next.
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