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Mona's baby Constantine; shearing this weekend; sick alpaca

To my vague surprise, the name "Constantine" is sticking to Mona's baby boy just fine. If he doesn't grow into it, we can always call him "Connie." I don't know if the name will be a theme or not. Theme choices from this are 1) punchlines (plus a constant), 2) comic book characters (Sandman), 3) great rulers (duh), 4) book characters (Sunshine).

Shearing will be sometime this weekend. The shearer is trying to get up here, but he is having issues at his farm, and has other farms to visit too. With such a fantastic timing window as "sometime between Saturday afternoon and noon on Sunday," I am not going to try to make this An Event. Also, we still have snow in the pastures, so we may end up having this as an in-the-barn event, which could be even more exciting. Seeeeee my excitement....

Marco is sick. He's scouring. His head is still up and he is still eating, so it could very well be that he's been sneaking goat food. I have a call in to the vet to discuss it. ETA: vet called. He's not terribly worried either, but thinks it's probably a parasite problem rather than food issue. He wants us to take a fecal sample and do various antihelimic activities.

After stepping in Marco-squidge, my brain rebelled. I have Drunken Sailor stuck in my head, alpaca-theme.

What do you do with a sick alpaca?
What do you do with a sick alpaca?
What do you do with a sick alpaca
early in the morning?

Check his eyes and ears for heat and discharge...

Feed him baking soda with a water chaser...

Check his temperature [oh, this will be fun!]
Check his temperature [yes, that's from his bum]
Check his temperature [my hand is going numb]
Tags: alpacas, angoras, goats, kids, naming

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