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Anna kidded twin boys today!

Anna kidded the cutest pair of twin boys today. They rival her own baby photos for cuteness.

Anna kidded twin boys on March 8 Anna kidded twin boys on March 8
By the time I got home from work, they were dry and fed. Go Anna!
Visiting the neighbors Visiting the neighbors
I brought Alys's baby boy (born March 6th) over for comparison. Except for belly heft and a *great deal* better physical coordination, there is not much difference. Size-wise, he is about the same size as Anna's boys.
Visiting the neighbors II Visiting the neighbors II
The size difference between a week-old single-born and newborn twins is incredible. (Mona's boy was born Tuesday March 2nd; Anna's twins were born March 8th.)

Tags: angoras, goats, kids

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