a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Something positive (March of Dimes)

I'm not in great space right now, so I'm going to talk about something good. Something happy. I can look at this and say to myself that I am doing something to be a positive contributor to society. I'm doing the March of Dimes walk in Washington DC again this year. They call it "March for Babies," but I see it as more of a Walk of Family, myself. Because that's really what I'm trying to support.

At work, we had a painless way of doing personal fundraising. When I had it in my wallet, I put aside $5 a week into a spot at work. I was able to donate $105 to myself already, with more to come. I'm hoping that more people might find a spare $5 at the end of the week to support my cause.

If you don't have $5, do you have 30 seconds? Would you please go here and vote for my co-worker's drawing so she can win this particular March of Dimes contest? Voting is free, does not require registration, and the contest ends today! Please please please?

C (J) and my sister's family are among my stalwart donors, and some co-workers jumped in too. Thank you all, and happy family (not just baby), you guys.
Tags: march_of_dimes

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