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Weekend roundup: dinner, games, gardening, one last baby goat

Friday night, I had dinner with Scherzoid. Wow, his life is over-full at the moment. I had a really good time catching up with him.

Saturday, I slept in. CK came home, and I slept some more. Then there were chores, with the extra bonus move of llama-poop-scooping the back-middle pasture. FireandEarth, Quixotic_Goat, and Darkfyre_Muse came over for dinner and games. CK made smoked mac-n-cheese and adobo chicken while we played Last Night on Earth. The smoked mac-n-cheese is almost like having pasta fondue. I think I like the toasted bread part the best. But really, the big draw of the evening was the ZOMBIES! Aaaa! The heroes won the first game, and the zombies won the second game. Even as the second game was lost to the zombies and the sun set forever on our last two heroes, on the last turn I used Q_Goat's dynamite to blow up four of the six zombie-turned-heroes. bwa ha ha!

Sunday, I was out shopping (of course) when our last baby goat arrived. Talla kidded a little boy who was all systems go from the moment he hit the ground. CK and I changed plans from going to the woodworking show to staying home to garden, which let me make moon eyes at the baby every half hour. I took a bunch of photos and spent a lot of time telling Talla what a great mom she was.

We put Hercules, Scout, and Houston in the front center yard "play pen" portable fencing. They did a good job mowing that section of the lawn just to the right of the octagon. We'll need to move the fence further forward toward the front pasture for the next mowing section. While they did their munching best, CK and I spent the afternoon and evening out in the yard, and Joy supervised from the front porch. I played in the dirt while CK worked on the tractor and then did a VA-chainsaw massacre on some encroaching trees.

One major change for our garden is that CK got a barrel-style composter for us. Despite having goats, we do have compost-able stuff that just needs a place to go. Namely, we have piles of llama poo. While we can apply llama pellets directly to the garden (they don't burn the plants), they don't break down very fast that way. We'd like to have a little bit more orderly-and-quick way to convert llama back to fertilizer for the garden.

To celebrate the new compost barrel, I put a wheelbarrow-load of llama pellets into it, followed by weeds and greenery that I pulled out of the raised bed that is now full of rows of carrot and beet seeds. According to the compost-barrel directions, we are supposed to put in 2/3 brown to 1/3 green for the proper compost mix. We're a little low on "green" at the start, but I'm sure we can augment with grass once CK starts mowing.

I love that the co-op is now selling seed tape for both beets and carrots these days. Carrot seeds are annoying, and I'm happy to spend a little more for an organized planting method that wastes less and plants in a more organized fashion. (I dislike thinning root plants. I don't like leaning over the beds, and thinning disturbs the plants unless you simply cut them off, which is a less-than-precise method when I'm the one doing it.) Yes, I know I could make my own tapes, but this way I get to buy my seeds and go straight to the garden and plant them before I get sidetracked. Know thyself.

So now we have peas, potatoes, beets, and carrots planted. The garden is getting there. I'd like to make sure that the beans, tomatoes, corn, squash, and peppers get in on time this year, but that's probably wishful thinking. In the meantime, CK purchased two really nifty sprinklers - one is a telescoping style and one is a T-post mounted style - so that the pastures won't burn as quickly this summer. Huzzah for water where it's needed.

CK converted the tractor from fall/winter (plow and blade) to summer lawnmower configuration. His efforts were successful in the conversion, but the overall mowing effort was stymied when he went to pump up the tires and one of the valvestems snapped off and sprayed him with antifreeze. Yuck. The tractor won't be going anywhere for a few days until he has time to get that tire fixed.

CK also pulled out his chainsaw and took off some of the big limbs that are shading the garden and the pasture. He chopped some of them up into kindling for next winter and a lot into draggable sized limbs that we'll just dump into the forest. The goats enjoyed the fresh new leaves as a treat, too.
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