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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
19th-Apr-2010 10:29 am
Yesterday, while we were gardening, we opened the garden-side-gate and let the Scout/Houston/Lerris contingent into the back garden "play pen." They went to work mowing down some of the weeds that were building up between that gate and the side of the blacksmith shop. We then promptly forgot about the goats in our work on other things.

This morning, when I took out the trash at 5:45, I heard a LOT of crashing in the backyard by the garden. I thought "Wow, the deer are being really loud this morning. I wonder what's up." It never dawned on me that... the boys were not only still "out," but that they were all the way out and were down in the garden enjoying the fruit trees and other nibbles, just like dear. They had pushed the fence away from where it was just jammed into the smithy wall, and walked out. Lerris had also pushed his way into the raised beds, but did not appear to have done major damage to the peas. Thankfully the carrots and beets aren't up yet.

I showed up at the house-side-gate with breakfast and all three of them promptly reappeared on the proper side of the fence as though they had never been out. I was strongly reminded of Anna leading the sneaky baby goat topiary team a few years ago...
19th-Apr-2010 04:51 pm (UTC)
too funny... I'm glad to hear that the boys hadn't done too much damage to the garden.
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