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Movies: How to Train Your Dragon

I had an almost-date night last night. Three of us had dinner out and then saw How to Train Your Dragon. Because of timing, we saw the 3-D version of the movie. We paid the extra cash because the time was the most convenient, not because it was the 3-D version. I am completely ambivalent about 3-D movies; I don't consider the format to be a bother, or a thrill.

The movie was a ton of fun. I could just stop there. It was definitely what I wanted and needed last night. It was visually fun to watch, the plot was predictable without being tiresome, and the characters had plenty of quirks that were deliberately aimed at an older audience. (The kid - Fishlegs - who spouted hit-point stats on the dragons was one of the funnier threads in the show for me.) The main dragon character, Toothless, was more than a little reminiscent of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. To quote Lilo, "I like him." (ETA: a little Internet research confirms that yes, Chris Sanders based Toothless on Stitch.)

The two issues I had with the movie - besides it not being my preferred animation style - were based in the narration vs. the visual. Both the beginning and ending voice-over explain that the weather is either snowy or rainy, yet in the entire movie, the worst weather was fog. The other weather issue was that the season at the beginning of the movie was stated as almost winter, yet the entire movie was set in a bucolic springtime look and our hero and heroine went sleeveless. ::sigh:: Consistency is a hobgoblin who obviously got cut out of the script.

There were a lot of movie previews that were actually interesting, too. I expect that I will see the next Shrek movie, even though nothing will ever match up to the first one. The new "Karate Kid" movie looked pretty good, even if it is kung fu rather than karate. The premise is that a black kid moves to China, gets beaten up, and finds Jackie Chan as a handyman-hero, and then the K-Kid plot unfolds from there. The Last Airbender (based on the cartoon) looked very well done.
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