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Cracked is good for a reality check (Traditions)

I won't say that Cracked is any kind of official source, but they do cite some references, and they are really amusing while they are at it. Today's taste is a discussion of traditions that aren't as ancient as claimed.

sample quotes:

All of the traditional foods and pageantry we associate with Thanksgiving are the invention of one pushy broad named Sarah Hale. She finally nagged Abe Lincoln into creating a new holiday in 1863.

"Hi, I'm Mel Gibson. My hobbies include anti-semitism and taking great, steaming green shits on history."

Once the kilt had been invented, outlawed and then reinvented as a sort of hipster retro look, a cadre of textile manufacturers sprouted up to cater to the needs of the Highland regiments. One firm named William Wilson and Son of Bannockburn noticed that many wealthy, fashionable young Scotsmen had taken to wearing kilts. Some had even formed clubs around the trendy garment. There's even an ad from the 1700s claiming a 'great choice of tartans, the newest patterns,' which either means the Scottish switched families based on the hottest new fashion trends, or the Tartan thing is bullshit.
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