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Goat Manager software -- Happy Customer Service Experience

I just got excellent customer service from Magnum Digital Inc. in Warrensburg, Mo.

I was given MDI Goat Manager software for my birthday. I loaded it today, and found two of the screens were not generating correctly. I called the not-toll-free number on the package insert.

Call #1 -- to MDI: Discussed who I was, who bought the software, and how neither of us were in the MDI registration database. MDI requested information as to who had sold this software.

Call #2 -- to CK: asked who sold the software

Call #3 -- to MDI: Told them who sold the software, what version and what date. Theresa took my name and address.

They will ship me a new CD (an updated version!) immediately. No, they do not need the old CD back, no there is no charge, yes they will let me know about new features and upgrades. Have a nice day.

Total time on the phone: less than 10 minutes.

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