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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Great goat migration (back to front) and thoughts on the show 
17th-May-2010 02:07 pm
We swapped the big boys and all of the girls/kids on Saturday, so now the girls/kids/llama have the whole front field, the big boys have the back left pasture, and the little boys have the back right pasture. Hercules now has plenty of room for llama crazies, and is back in with the girls he knows and loves.

I'm working on getting ready for the goat show next month. Wheeethudthudthud. My current plan is to take all five of the yearlings (plus a guest star appearance from Apollo!) and all of the kids to the show. I might not put Goblin into the show, however, because he's so young/small and at such a disadvantage to show when his hair is that much shorter and he's that much less brawny.

My first thought is that I can't do much worse than last year. I nearly swept the rear of both kid classes. And then there is my rising star, Apollo, who has had incredible love and attention down at a different farm all year. They want me to show him for them this year, and I'm completely willing to do that. And I'd be interested to see how Apollo's little brother Berry does in the standings, given that Berry is an early junior (the cutoff is 2/28) but is a twin.

#28 Apollo (2/22/09) - took 3rd place out of 13 in the Sr. Kid Bucks last year.
#29 Scout (2/23/09) - not shown
#30 Houston (2/23/09) - dead last out of 13.
#33 Orchid (2/24/09) - 12th out of 13 in the combined Kid Does.
#35 Dot (3/3/09) - 11th out of 13.
mumblemumble Talla - 10th out of 13.

#38 Constantine (3/2/10)
#39 Berry (3/6/10)
#40 Gyre (3/8/10)
#41 Gimble (3/8/10)
#42 Trillian (3/9/10) Yes, the ONE GIRL in the lineup!
#43 Astor (3/9/10)
#44 Goblin (4/11/10)

Everyone should come to the show next month! My goats will be competing on Sunday, starting bright and shiny early at 9 AM.
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