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Movie: Robin Hood (Crowe/Blanchett)

We saw Gladiator, Prince of Thieves Robin Hood (Ridley Scott, director*) tonight. It was good; I had a good time watching it. And, fortunately or unfortunately, it was almost everything the reviews said it was, except for not funny. I thought it had plenty of levity at the right moments, just not ha-ha funny. I think I saw Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, First Knight, Three Musketeers... It didn't take every trope from the list, but there were quite a few. (Let's be sure that the hero rides a white horse into the final battle, and the bad guy is on a black - and the bad guys are all in black too! - shall we?)

Things I liked (without too many spoilers):
+ Lady Marion - assuredly not a maid! - establishes a strong character and sticks with it from beginning to end. Ditto Friar Tuck.
+ Kevin Durand gets to play along side Crowe again, but this time he's a good guy.
+ King Richard was different than most versions I've read or seen. He rated... neutral... as a character, in the end.
+ King John was a slightly more nuanced character than the typical depiction of a spoiled brat with no idea of statehood.
+ This version of the Robin Hood story introduced both the concept of the Masons and the Magna Carta into the popular movie-going conversation... I hope (but I'm not holding my breath) that a lot of kids ask what the heck was going on with that set of scenes.

More randomly, Will Scarlet was a hockey player in Mystery, Alaska. (Yes, I had to look it up, but I knew he looked familiar!)
Max von Sydow, who played a frail but feisty Sir Walter Loxley, was also Dr. Kynes in the 1984 movie version of Dune and Father Merrin in the original 1973 Exorcist.
Continuing on the Dune theme, actor William Hurt (Sir William Marshall) played Duke Leto Atreides in the 2000 TV version of Dune. More recently, he was in The Incredible Hulk as General Ross.
Mark Strong (Godfrey - da bad guy!) was very recently seen in Sherlock Holmes, also as Da Bad Guy (Lord Blackwood). I only vaguely recognized him, most likely from Stardust.

*Ridley Scott directed Gladiator. You'll notice very familiar camera action with the fight scenes.
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