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Vet papers... and on with the show!

The vet came out on Friday to bless the subset of the herd that is off to the show this weekend. He said that they all looked good, and agreed that Apollo was a fine hunk of studly yearling goat.

We had an amusing moment when Loki's runny nose caused the vet to stop and check his lungs. I was holding Loki's head, and Loki was loving me by rubbing his head down my leg. The vet exclaimed "He's got really heavy pneumonia in this lung!" and moved to check the other side. "But this side is clear!... Let me check the other side again." It turned out that Loki was basically snoring and the noise was rumbling back into his lungs because of Loki's head being bent down toward my knee just as the vet was listening to his lungs. Loki's head was at the top of his love-rub arc when the vet switched back, and presto- instant cure!

The show is this coming weekend in Frederick, MD. Wheee!

All tags are prefixed with "GCF" except where noted.

Red Card Adult Doe
0022 - 3/1/08 - female - Maggy Lynn (Owned by Gaited Manor at Park Gate)

Colored Yearling Buck
0028 - 2/22/09 - male Apollo (Owned by Gaited Manor at Park Gate)
0029 - 2/23/09 - male Scout
0030 - 2/23/09 - male Houston

Colored Yearling Doe
0033 - 2/24/09 - female Orchid
0035 - 3/3/09 - female Dot
GRF 0609 - 3/4/09 - female Talla

Junior Kid Buck
0038 - 3/2/10 - male Constantine
0039 - 3/6/10 - male Berry
0040 - 3/8/10 - male Gyre
0041 - 3/8/10 - male Gimble
0043 - 3/9/10 - male Astor
0045 - 3/21/10 - male - Godiva (Owned by Gaited Manor at Park Gate)

Junior Kid Doe
0042 - 3/9/10 - female Trillian -- Yes, the ONE GIRL in the baby lineup!

0044 - 4/11/10 - male Goblin (he's going because he's not weaned yet)
Tags: vagma, vet_visits

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