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Goat Show Day 1

I'm really tired. It's been a long day. Hopefully I'll clean this up later.

The new location has some good points. There are plenty of stalls, and the stalls are slightly bigger than we expected.

We ended up moving the intended show ring from a nice big open space to a tiny spot between the two sets of stalls because it was more convenient to the pens. It also is enclosed, so when we had escaped goats (2wice) we didn't lose them into the great beyond.

I didn't get a chance to look at vending. I stopped by there twice to deliver messages and check in with people in the morning. I hope that things are going well down there. Of course, not being there means not spending money.

It's hot. Brutally hot. I managed to drink 8 X 11 ounces of water today plus miscellaneous other drinks, and I'm still feeling pretty dried out. My allergy meds can't keep up, either. I broke out in hives down my left arm from holding one of John's goats for him.

It was great seeing folks from Tuesday night knitting, Wednesday night spinning, and even some of the Saturday evening clubbing crowd. JennyLynn gets an extra special shout out for bringing me lunch! Whoooooo Jenny! Thanks so much!

The ice cream truck that came around multiple times was playing Christmas carols. It was more than a tad surreal.

The only goat that I had in today's competitions was Maggy Lynn. She competed in the "Red Card" Doe class, which is a class for light or white goats out of colored parents. See, they won't have the fine-ness of fleece or body coverage to compete in the white class, but they won't have the saturation of color to compete well in the colored class, but we still want to know what the judge has to say, so we have a separate competition for them.

Maggy Lynn took 4th out of 5. Her fleece was too short (sheared too late) and the judge thought it was a little coarse. He didn't have anything to say about her being hornless.

Two of the new farms at the show are run by / headed by young men. I'm so pleased. Usually the show is All the Women (plus husbands) and John and Steve. It's been so weird. This year we have not only the Plus Husbands, but two guys who showed up without women at all.

One of the totally new, never seen before farms took Champion Buck in today's white show. I'm so pleased for her.

And tomorrow, both CK and my in-laws will be at the show. I'm just thrilled! It will be so neat to show people what I do. I don't care how well I do in the show in front of them, specifically. I'm just glad they will be there for the show. Yay!
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