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Goat Show, Day 2

Achaosofkittens is the love of my life. He's also my current hero. That was the easiest, simplest, nothing-at-all-went-wrong goat unloading in recent memory. Girls and babies are in their field. Maggy/Apollo/Godiva are in their field. Houston/Scout/temporary guest buck are in their field. No one had issues of any kind getting there.

The second love of my life is my allergist. It was a miserable day, full of goats, dust, hay, sweat... and only a small attack of the sneezles while I was cleaning out stalls.

As far as show results - Houston came home with a 4th place in Yearling Buck. He also got some nice compliments from people whose opinions I appreciate.

I'm not kidding about misery. It was hot hot hot yesterday, and today my feet were sore and cleanup took two hours longer than I expected. If we have the goat show in the same barn next year, I'm not playing. This was just stupid difficult to clean up.

Despite my pooh-poohing of the end of the day, the actual show today wasn't as bad as I had feared. We had a nice breeze, and the show itself was over on time (before 2 PM).

Everyone was playing nicely. I mean really nicely. People were jumping in to help hold goats, and help with goat shuffling, and explain the show to passers-by. We were joking that even the lady from Peavine Hollow actually held a colored goat; we weren't sure if she was going to burst into flames or the goat would.

I didn't sell any goats, but I did get some inquiries. I also did not buy any goats.

A woman who has retired from breeding whites won the colored baby goat raffle. She was in absolute shock. heh.

The major piece of feedback from everyone was that we need more, bigger, and better signage.

I'm interested to see what the reporter puts into the article in the Frederick Newspaper.

I need to send photos of the show to the judge, health papers collection to the fairgrounds, checks and final accounting to the treasurer, and thank-you notes to EVERYONE.

More people from spinning and knitting groups showed up today to hang out and take pictures. P and her daughter J helped hold goats for most of the show. I hope I got good photos for them.

And the most exciting thing for me: Achaosofkittens came! He not only came, he showed our goats! I'm so thrilled! It was great to see him out there, enjoying the goats and participating in the show for real. He's not done this before, because the show has never been this close by. I respect that his attention span and interest for goats is measured in the pairs of hours. A weekend goat show is a waste of his time (and is way more annoyance than is worth anyone's time), so while I invite him sometimes, I really don't expect him to want to go. But this time he could day-trip it, participate in some of the fun, and leave when he was done. Yay all around! I got to have him there *right* when it counted, and not have to worry about whether he was ok for the other day and a half worth of showtime (plus setup and take down).
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