a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goaty update: worms, worms, poop, worms

I was asked where the goat updates have been... Ok, here's a quick one.

Baby Godiva came down with the scours on Wednesday. It was just good ol' worms, and a blast of Valbazin and 20ccs of goat goop (molasses and electrolytes) was sufficient to get him up and going again. I took this as a cue that the stress of the show and the heat was probably going to get everyone else from the show as well, so checked/dewormed the babies and yearling girls yesterday morning. I noticed that someone in the adult girl field was getting poopy when I fed them this morning, so I'll likely spend this evening or tomorrow morning taking care of the seven of them. That will leave the boys as the only group still needing a lookover/deworming (as appropriate).

Also - my guest yearling GRF Coco* got picked up last night. He is such a good boy; he waits for his food, and walks so well on a halter. I didn't quite develop a crush on him, but it was close. I enjoyed his company, brief though it was, and I hope that Sue treats him well. I told her that if she ends up having issues integrating him that she should call me.

* 3rd place colored yearling buck at EAGMA this year
Tags: animals, goats

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