a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

PSA: no cell phone today

I've managed to lose my cell phone. I think I left it at the Thai restaurant on Saturday night, but I can't be sure until they open and I call them.

The last time I remember having it for sure was on Saturday evening, when I was calling the pickup order in to the Thai place on my way over there to get it. I think I pulled my phone out to forward it to the house at some point, but I can't remember if that was Friday night or Saturday night. My purse does not appear to have eaten it, nor do I appear to have washed it again (whew!). On the off chance that I did take it home and forward it, please DON'T CALL IT. Thanks.

ETA 10:50 AM: The person who answered the phone at Tara Thai was so incompetent at handling my problem that he asked me to call back at noon.

ETA2: By the simple expedient of calling it, CK and I have narrowed the "lost" window to after I forwarded my phone. So it at least made it to the house on Saturday evening.

ETA3 6:30 PM: I found it in the backseat footwell of CK's car. It probably fell there when I was gathering up things to go inside on Saturday night. Yay for finding it safe and sound (and not wet!)
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