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Weekend roundup

Friday night was housework, laundry, and waiting for CK to get home. Cookie was back to being his regular self, so putting out hay took longer and was more fun (and had more contentment) that usual. I also watered the pastures.

Saturday. Well, I had all kinds of plans for Saturday, starting with my regular circle-route. That was to be followed by cleaning the boys' pastures of fallen branches, a walk with Scout, and some sewing. What I ended up accomplishing was a four-hour nap. I flopped down on the couch at quarter before noon, and got up at ten past five. There was a brief break in the middle for a Fed Ex delivery, but that was it. Whoof, I guess I'm still recovering from being sick.

Saturday was also "spot the animals" day. First, a turkey ran across the road in front of me on my way down the hill. Then, I saw two dead snakes on the road on the way to the co-op. Later on, I saw a hawk on the power lines over the highway.

Sunday. Sunday included more housework, but still no sewing. I got some of my life in order, and decided that was good enough and went to the Farmer's Market. More futzing at home was followed by dinner with Amazonmink and Thunderbird_1956. Then we went to an acquaintance's house for fire spinning and socializing. I had a very nice time, despite an episode of klutz involving a slice of watermelon, and I hope to get to do it again.

Monday was Faire with Amazonmink. Faire was only a little too hot and dusty. I remembered my sunscreen! I saw only a sprinkling of people I knew, including my SIL and her intended husband. I spent a lot of money at Wolfstone getting a "pirate" costume for my SIL's wedding. I wanted quality clothing that I can use in other ways and places, which is why I shopped there. I came in under my magical budget ceiling for the day, but only barely. Regardless, in the cold grey morning of too many bills, I'm still pleased with what I purchased. We saw Pictsy perform twice - it was great watching the audience react, and it was tons of fun watching her smile while she performed up on her silks. Also - funnel cake fries are the bomb.

As far as costume goes, I started out trying for this pirate look, but ended up doing a mix and match instead. I got that same lacy pirate shirt in off-white, and a more plain skirt in black (without the underskirt), and I got the regular front-lace corset in reversible black/red with plans to wear the red side out. I hit Potomac leather for a tie-belt and skirt hangers. I have my mug hanger and mug, feathers and sticks for my hair, and miscellaneous odd jewelery including dagger earrings. If I can find my red and black celtic pouch, I should be set. I'm going to fake the boots, because mine are comfy and I don't feel like buying new ones yet.

This weekend gets 2 stars out of 5 for productivity, but 4 out of 5 for fun.
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