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Theater and Movie: NSO plays Return of the King

On Saturday night, CK and I went to Wolf Trap to see the National Symphony Orchestra and full chorus play/sing the soundtrack to "Return of the King" as the movie was screened above the stage. The orchestra did a fine job, as did the chorus. The two soloists weren't particularly noteworthy one way or the other, which to me says that everyone did a good job equally.

We sat in row T, which was nearly the back of the front orchestra section. Yes, it was loud, but it was within tolerable range for two interesting reasons - where we were sitting, and how the sound was balanced. The point of the show was the NSO, so the movie had subtitles rather than boosted sound for dialog and sound effects. That made it a different movie in a way for me - I was reading the movie and listening to music more than listening to dialog. The other interesting thing was that this was about the right distance-to-screen-size ratio for me. I like to sit in the back of the theater, so this was a very comfortable place for me for movie viewing. (I like to sit across the room from the TV, too.)

The show ran about three and a half hours. I sat there with my main squeeze, holding hands for much of it, and enjoyed the experience. It was a lovely evening, a fun movie, and a well-done performance.
Tags: theater

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