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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Scout will be a pet forever... and good luck, Houston! 
30th-Sep-2010 04:51 pm
Scout got wethered today. I suppose, for him, it was rather fitting that the day was pouring rain and horrible outside. We did the surgery in the barn, and I'm happy to report no complications or issues. We stayed with him afterward to be sure he was up on his feet and ready to face the day again before we left. He has hay, water, plenty of room in the barn, and Cookie for company.

Scout and Cookie aren't fighting at all (there's a miracle!). I moved Scout into Cookie's yard a few days ago in preparation for today. Cookie seems to have accepted that Scout is just a young nutcase. Since there aren't any girls around, Cookie isn't picking fights, and Scout sure isn't going to pick one either. So hopefully that roommate situation will continue to work out just fine, especially as Scout settles down.

In case I didn't mention it, Houston was sold on Sept. 23rd to a farm over the hill. He's got something like 10 girls all to himself now. I'll definitely have to invite myself over to see the kids next March.
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