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Top pop... witches?

I don't pretend to have any kind of authority on the subject of wicca. However, I'm interested in other people's opinions of it... And really, I agree with #1 and #2 for being fabulous characters. I was pleasantly surprised to see Miss Eglantine Price featured as #2, actually. Not many people remember her.

Geek Speak Magazine's Top 13 Pop Culture Witches

We could hardly let Halloween go by without paying homage to these spooky holiday stalwarts, could we? From Elphaba to Samantha to Sabrina, we list our favorite babes on broomsticks...

You can forget about the falling leaves, the pumpkins and the sugar high from all that Halloween candy. The one thing that I will always think of come October are witches. Although movie and fictional references to Wicca make me boil with rage and wave my BA in Religion around, most fictional witches are in fact, delightful. Whether they are good, evil, or something in between, they always have that certain flair that captures our attention. And although some have implied that I might have an unhealthy affection for the undead, really witches are my favorite.

Below are 13 of some of the greatest pop culture witches...
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