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Jessie has been deposed; yarn consignment delivered to Hunt Country

It's pretty well official now: CHF Jessie* has been deposed from the #2 spot in the girl-goat herd. Hail to SRF Alys, crown princess of the farm, and heir-apparent behind FSF Sashimi.

In the big girl batch of six, the ranking used to be as follows: Sashimi, Jessie, Alys, Mona, Dahlia, and Anna, with a bit of fluctuation if the Mona/Dahlia cabal was in force, or if the Jessie/Anna team was working together.

It looks like this ranking has changed for real this time. Alys, Mona, Dahlia, and Anna are all finally fully mature (over four years old), and are at the prime of their lives. Of the four 4-year-olds, Alys is the heaviest, has the strongest horns, and is the most determined to get her way when it comes to fighting for food.

Sashimi and Jessie are getting on in years. Jessie has the added disadvantage of no horns, as does Anna. Sashimi is still an attitudinal freak, though, so when it comes to herd politics, no one is quite ready to take her on. But Jessie has obviously become fair game, and such a game, that she is now ranked at the bottom of the lists. There is some back-and-forth between her and Anna (mother/daughter), but that may be only out of habit still.

* Hey, if I'm trying to be formal, I should be adding in farm designations as titles, right? CHF = Clover Hill Farm; SRF = Spook Rock Farm, FSF = Firesong Fibers. Goats born at my place are, of course, all GCF for Giant Cricket Farm.

Last month, I dropped off some yarn for consideration for either purchase or consignment at Hunt Country Yarns in The Plains. After test knitting and feedback, Bob agreed to put out two of my fingering and one of my lace weights on consignment to see how things go. I dropped off about 40 skeins on Saturday. I hope that it goes well! ::crossing fingers::

I also got the feedback that the Ladies Who Gave Opinions want saturated jewel tones for those yarns, not natural colors. ::sigh:: That really destroys the purpose of raising colored goats. But hey, I need to do something with the August fleeces, so I'm going to try it anyway, and see if there really is that good a market. I'll probably do a heavy purple, blue, and strong teal. Bob said that - specifically - no one wanted green.
Tags: angoras, goats, sales, yarn

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