a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Shearing tomorrow

Unless something unexpected happens, I will be at home with the handshearer tomorrow. If anyone feels like coming over to watch/help/throw peanuts, you are most welcome.

Anyone who has been visiting lately has probably gotten an earful about how wonderful our Loki kid is. As I remarked on Friday in LJ, he's just wonderful. Fabulous. A great little goat in calm, cool, angora style. He has fantastic coverage, lovely topknot, and excellent disposition. He will come when I call and just stand there while I pick grass out of his hair. No fuss at all. I think he'll be my show goat for the fall if/when we do any of the farm fairs. Since the shearer is a hand-shearer, he'll still have some fleece on him even on Wednesday. Hopefully it will grow out nicely for the end of September and the Fall Farm Tour / show at Archwood Barns.

Aerin, on the other hand, isn't so great. She is stand-offish, has so-so coverage, and is not growing out of her airplane ears. Sigh. Currently, if I had to sell any goats, she's right at the top of the list next to Sashimi. However, since I don't have to sell, she's going to have a chance to grow out of it and maybe even contribute to the general population increase in a few years. We shall see.

At this point, Loki is definitely a keeper -- hopefully any kids he sires will be as calm and good-looking. And hopefully he will grow a bit more. He is still quite tiny for a March kid. (Probably the wormy summer didn't help.) It would be nice to know if he is carrying any recessive black genes, but that's something only time and production will tell.

Summer is still really dirty down her back legs, but she is no longer sick. So once she's sheared, she should be all clean and white again... until she's not. Her fleece gets so dirty so fast it's tough to know that she is white sometimes. Right now she is grey with a white dorsal ridge (where the hair parts and you can see the clean new fleece) and a dirty/poopy behind. Ugh. Oh, well, I didn't buy her for her beauty. Once she's sheared and clean, I'll take another look at her to decide if she is going to be bred this fall. I'd like for her to have a kid or two, but not if her conformation is lousy. I'm a bit concerned about her back legs as well as her overall health. She's slightly cow-hocked (knock-kneed) which isn't so good for breeding. And she is fairly delicate, health-wise. Whenever anyone is sick, she gets sick. (Thankfully she isn't hard to catch to dose for whatever it is.)

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