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A Broadway Christmas Carol

On Saturday night, CK and I saw A Broadway Christmas Carol with Kaelikat & R, and Q_Goat & D_Muse. It was a good performance, with excellent singing and strong stage presence. The cast and crew should be proud of themselves.

I was proud of myself for hitting over 50% recognition of the Broadway tunes that were co-opted into the show. My favorite was a callout to Once Upon a Mattress, though the redo of "Turn Back, O Man" from Godspell was darned good, too. I felt a little bad for the guys in our group, though, since I don't think they are quite as musically educated as the show required. There were some songs that I recognized even though I've never seen the source musical, and then there were some songs that I flat-out didn't know. I missed the Avenue Q "Sucks to be Me," though I guessed the source correctly.

A Broadway Christmas Carol Tonight
I'm In the Money (42nd Street) = I'm in the Money
Happy Face (Bye Bye Birdy) = Merry Face
Big Spender (Sweet Charity) = Big Spender (Recognized the song, didn't know the musical)
Once a Year Day (Pajama Game) = Once a Year Day (I totally didn't catch this one)
Hideous Face - I can't even remember what this sounded like.
Feed the Birds (Mary Poppins) - played straight, then jazzed up (no parody necessary)
Turn Back, O Man (Godspell) = Turn Back, Old Man
--- quick call-out to the Call To Assembly from The Lion King ---
Try to Remember (The Fantastiks) = Try to Remember (I totally didn't catch this one)
--- quick call out to an F! R! E! D! F-R-E-D FRED! (Once Upon A Mattress) ---
?? = Home Ebenezer
?? = A New Outlook
Shall We Dance (King and I) = As We Dance
?? = Belle's Lament
Memory (Cats) => the Ghost of Christmas Present
Clambake (Carosel) = Real Nice Puddin'
The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (Annie) = I'm Gonna Walk Tomorrow
Master of the House (Les Miz) = Founder of the Feast
?? = Yes and No
Hard Knock Life (Duh!)

The tale of Sweeney Todd = The tale of Ebenezer Scrooge
?? = It's True
The Phantom of the Opera = The Ghost of Christmasses Yet to Come
RazzleDazzle (Chicago) = Rob and Plunder
?? = We'll Sleep Well
Bring Him Home (Les Miz) = Send Him Home
It Sucks to Be Me (Avenue Q) = It Sucks to Be Thee
Good Morning (Singing in the Rain) = It's Morning - and I'm not dead!
Who Will Buy This Wonderful Morning (Oliver!) = Go and Buy that Wonderful Turkey
Loverly (My Fair Lady) = Miserly
Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast) = Be a Pest
You've Gotta Have Heart (Damn Yankees) = I've Thawed out my Heart
Oklahoma! = Ebenezer

Fortunately, the show was well-presented regardless of what you knew or didn't know of the originals. As one review put it - "This show comes with a caveat: If you're not a fan of showtunes, the musical retelling of A Christmas Carol may leave you feeling like Scrooge. That's because A Broadway Christmas Carol is a satirical send-up of all of the Great White Way's best-known songs from some of our most revered shows, like 42nd Street, Follies, Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera, and some newer productions, like Avenue Q. The more musicals you know, the more jokes you'll get, but even if you don't catch all the references, Peter Boyer is likely the only Scrooge you'll see this season with jazz hands."
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