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Books: Blood Lite, An Anthology of Humorous Horror Stories

I forgot to mention that I read Blood Lite on the airplane trips to and from CA. It was... pretty good. I thought that there were a few stories that were funnier than others, and a few stories that were too horrible for the humor. The story that I enjoyed the most was about a hack horror writer whose absolute drivel was actually what was keeping the Evil at the Center of the Universe sated and happy. My runner-up favorite was a Harry Dresden story that was short and funnier more for what Butcher implied about Megan's antics than for what he actually told about Harry's issues. The story that gave me nightmares was about a goldfish. No lie. Go read it if you want to know.

(Note that I'm a horror story wimp and I know it. Stuff that people don't even notice is what gives me nightmares.)
Tags: books

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