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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Good morning! Goat and llama update 
3rd-Dec-2010 10:24 am
We are now in that weird in-between stage where it freezes overnight but breaks freezing during the day. I have pulled out the parka, though I took the liner out, so that I'm not dreading going outside to do chores. Unfortunately, while I'm only just warm enough when I go out, I'm too warm by the time I get done.

Loki is still singing and snorting and being stupid as all get out. He's in charge mostly because no one else wants to be. Sancho would really like Loki to chill out, though.

Hercules is back with the baby boys so that he has enough barn space to move inside when the wind gets too bad for even him. We've taken out the internal divider on that right side stall, so the baby boys (and Scout and Herc) have the whole 12x12 stall without interruption.

... My one complaint about having Herc in that particular section is his habit of dropping his pellet pile right in the middle of the doorway. ::sigh:: Comparatively, it's not a big thing; it's just really annoying. It does make it easy to scoop, if nothing else.
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