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Naked time for goats

I had a very successful shearing day yesterday, and so of course I have to post about it.

Kevin Ford, a handshearer from Pennsylvania, came to my place yesterday and sheared my five does and my two kids, and "crotched" my buck for upcoming breeding season. (The buck was sheared in June so his fleece is too short.) I would like to endorse Mr. Ford as a prompt, courteous gent who is kind to all animals (dogs and goats alike) and shears swiftly and cleanly.

My two kids gave me between 13-15 ounces each of skirted fleece -- very little grease, so I expect not to lose much weight from washing. Aerin has redeemed herself from the culling list for at least another shearing season -- her fleece is *so nice* I couldn't believe it.

Oh, well, back to regular work today.

Edit: I did remember to take "before" pictures, but have not taken "after" pictures yet. I will post them when I have them.

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