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Happy New Year, and a better year to follow

While not a fabulous year, I'd say it is ending on a pretty good level. I have my loves, likes, books, and buddies. I have good memories and plans for more fun. I am not tempting Fate by saying that everything is wonderful, as there is always room for improvement. However, I have to say that a lot of my daily whining can be classified into what pictsy calls "First World Problems."

At the start of last year, I had a painful lesson in friendship. It reshuffled many of my social priorities. Over the year, I cemented and deepened my friendships with some amazing people, which also impacted where I spent my time. I met new people, joined a new gaming group, made more yarn-based commitments, and changed my social scheduling to support all of the above. At work, I transferred out of a position that I liked but wasn't so great at doing into one that I don't like very much and can do quite well. In the summer of transition across the two jobs, I earned my PMP. I also had a really nice summer vacation at the cabin. I got my finances into better order; sadly, my crop of baby goats did not sell and so I'm not breeding more for this coming spring (yes, those are related concepts). Dad appears to have won this latest round in the cancer battle, and the family as a whole continues to truck along. The collapse of the hay barn was the notable catastrophe at the house, with no injuries or further damage to report at home. We have our shovels, generator, snow blower, tractor, 4x4 truck, snow chains for everything, boot-traction clips, and of course sufficient sleds for when we want a break from being responsible adults.

So now I face the next year. I have a few relatively big decisions, a few vacations, and a few plans to implement. I want to see about discovering a fun new place to visit this year, or setting up a revisit of some place that I've only seen as a child. In the longer term, I continue to await the final curtain in the saga of the Grandparents, which, despite 14 years of preparation, will likely cause some chaos.

I'm not posting any grand New Years Resolutions. I am what I am: lazy, bookish, and indolent, with a love of fried cheese. ... I'm simply going to mention again: I have a new treadmill...

So have a happy New Year, all. Love who you will, support your friends with care and wisdom, and be impulsive and wild once in a while. Confound your enemies, choose your allies with care, and be sure to get lots of sleep!

If I cannot bring you comfort, then at least I bring you hope.
For nothing is more precious than the time we have and so,
We all must learn from small misfortune, count the blessings that are real.
Let the bells ring out for Christmas, at the closing of the year
Let the bells ring out for Christmas, at the closing of the year.
Tags: family, friends, human_condition, physical, social, travel, work

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