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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
"12th man" created an earthquake 
10th-Jan-2011 02:12 pm
I heard about this on the news this morning...

Seahawks 12th Man Creates Measurable Seismic Tremor?
Pacific Northwest Seismic Network Records Tremor as Marshawn Lynch Runs for TD

(For those of us who don't know the jargon, the "12th man" is the fans as a whole, and TD is touchdown.)

From http://www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-12th-man-creates-measurable-se-01092011,0,7742458.story

Q13 FOX News Online
Web Reporter
9:37 p.m. PST, January 9, 2011

Seattle —
With every yard Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch gained, Qwest Field got louder.

But by the time his 67-yard, eight tackle breaking scamper in Saturday's playoff game against the New Orleans Saints was over, the 12th man was rocking.

And apparently so was the earth below the stadium.

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network recorded a small tremor at exactly 4:43 p.m. Saturday afternoon from an old monitoring system near where the Kingdome used to stand.

That time is almost exactly when Lynch broke what turned out to be the game-deciding touchdown run in the 4th quarter, sealing the improbably win by the Seahawks.

And while Qwest Field is famous nationwide for it's crowd noise, PNSN scientists think their readings show that was the first recorded 12th man tremor, ever.

After all, the "quake" was recorded only at that single SoDo station.
10th-Jan-2011 10:57 pm (UTC)
Eh, this is not new. The first example of it I heard of was years ago during the opening number of a Madness concert in London when the crowd all jumped simultaneously. (If you've ever heard "One Step Beyond," you'll know precisely when the jump in question occurred - if not, "watch this!" - around 0:56) And, see this doc from the UK Health Protection Agency, page 13, for a short discussion of this and various incidents of crowd-related seismic activity, along with one kind of surprising forensic use of the seismic record. This is not to say that it wasn't a fabulous run, because it was, but the scientists are a little presumptuous on that whole "first recorded ever" business. Maybe the first they've ever recorded.
11th-Jan-2011 02:07 pm (UTC)
I think they are claiming the first ever football earthquake. None of the articles said this was the first man-made quake. Some of them cited a soccer quake in Argentina, too.
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