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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Jr. Network Engineer, etc. etc. 
26th-Jan-2011 10:55 am
My work is looking for a Jr. Network Engineer for a position in Fairfax. And, wonder of wonders, this one does NOT require a security clearance.

Other positions under current recruitment, which all do require DoD clearances:

Enterprise Service Bus Engineer - Falls Church
IA Engineer - Falls Church
Cognos SWE (UNIX) - Falls Church
Oracle Weblogic Administrator - Falls Church
Technical Writer - Ft. Gordon, GA
Desktop Support Engineer - Ft. Gordon, GA
Electronics Technician Intermediate - Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Poke me for details.

ETA: The icon is because the wonderfully nice, incredibly punctual and organized office-supply-ordering person just got in a new load of tissue boxes. The tissues have antiviral crap on them. I am allergic to almost everything on tissues, and rubbing an allergin-laden tissue across my face seems... like job security for my ENT. ::sigh:: I sent a polite e-mail apologizing for not being specific enough about my tissue request and restating it with very bounded requirements. What is this, the problem of a tissue genie?
26th-Jan-2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
Yes, Folks! Go work for US!
26th-Jan-2011 04:20 pm (UTC)
This is really just idle curiosity on my part - but how does one get DoD clearance? Are there firms that will certify you? Do you have to apply directly to the DoD? Do you have to pay for the background check?
26th-Jan-2011 04:31 pm (UTC)
The company who wants to hire you (or already has hired you) sponsors your clearance through the DoD, and pays for it. While you are required to fill out the paperwork/application, the kick-off of the clearance request has to come from the company. The general process is as follows:

Project Manager: I have found the fabulous Tamarinne, and I want her on Project X. For her to work on Project X, she needs a clearance. We must hire her, contingent on her clearance coming in.

Management/HR: We must send out an offer letter, with that contingency stated.

Tamarinne: I must sign that letter, and agree to work for The Company!

HR: We have a signed employment acceptance! We must now set up her clearance application!

Company Facility Security Officer: I must log onto the DoD security clearance system (for which I already have a company login/password) and set her up for an initial eligibility screening. Then I must call her and say "Hey, here's what you need to do. Log on here and enter in all of this information...

Tamarinne: I have researched and found out my parents' nationalities, my family's contacts, all of my foreign contacts, all of the places I've lived since I was 21, and have people listed who can vouch for my upstanding good character. I am now clicking "SEND" (and signing a bunch of things too).

Company Facility Security Officer: I must review and approve that you have, indeed, crossed every T and dotted every I in this long, involved, and nosey form. Then I must send it onwards to the great black hole that is the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office.

... then we wait...

Ding! Due to your steller background check and easily-obtained school/local records, you have been granted an Interim Secret Clearance. (You are sometimes permitted to start work with that Interim while the investigators proceed down the list of interviews.)

... then we wait...

Ding! You have passed final adjudication. Congratulations. You now have a "Clearance eligibility" (technical term for a clearance.)
26th-Jan-2011 04:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your very complete answer! I do believe my idle curiosity has been satisfied. :)

(Of course, now I'm curious if I could pass such a process. Having lived in Saudi Arabia when I was 22, I'm not sure if that would be an automatic disqualification or something that could ultimately be accounted for to the DoD's satisfaction. I do have an upstanding good character, after all!)
26th-Jan-2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
You likely could pass, depending on a few things. Saudi Arabia is not on the list of hostile nations, and it depends on what you did while you were there. If you were off helping in civil construction of the new railway system, you're golden. If you were employed by the S.A. government to work on their advanced missile program, um... probably not so likely.
26th-Jan-2011 06:04 pm (UTC)
I worked in a video rental outlet for three months... So probably not a big deal, then. :)
26th-Jan-2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
To chime in a little, the disqualifying item would be if you have been, or were currently a Representative of a Foreign Influence (RFI). And even the "have been" isn't an instant disqualifer, just one that would be a flag that would need to be answered and dealt with.
26th-Jan-2011 04:53 pm (UTC)
Sorry about the tissue thing. We totally understand. Bud's school had to issue a "tissue policy" because of so many kids with skin allergies. Tough call for the principal since almost all tissue is donated. But it has saved everyone a lot of grief.

Really great to see how many jobs are open. Gives me hope for the economy even if I am totally unqualified for just about everything including data entry now. Amazing how technology has passed me by in my SAHM life.
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