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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Power problems - NOVEC updates - and a comparison to Hurricane Isabel in 2003 
27th-Jan-2011 05:55 pm
I've been monitoring the NOVEC outage page, which is apparently being maintained by absolute morons. Many, many times today, my >refresh< command has been met with some kind of interesting error screen. And when it has not, my unhappy vision has been filled with a list of 191 customers experiencing the same outage (out of the 23,000 total), with "cause under investigation" and a constantly postponed projected restoration time. Initially, our projected restoration time was noon. Then it was 2:30 PM. Then 3:30, then 6:15, then 6:46, and now 7:01 PM. Oh, wait, no, I'm wrong. It's now set to 7:54 8:15 10:19 PM.

... We shall see...

On NOVEC's home page is this little gem:

NOVEC is experiencing wide spread power outages due to the intense snow storm. The number of outage locations is equivalent to the damage from Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Crews have been in the field since the first outages were reported. Additional cooperative crews from Virginia and contract crews from out of state are assisting with service restoration, which will continue around the clock until all service is restored. Customers are advised to prepare for multi-day service restoration.

We were out of power for four days for Isabel. I resorted to showering at the gym at work. This is also my plan if we don't have power by tomorrow morning.
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27th-Jan-2011 11:56 pm (UTC)
You're likely on cleaner roads. The biggest issue here is that we are on winding roads that are underneath big heavy trees... and a lot of the power lines are away from those roads. So not only does NOVEC have to deal with getting through the unplowed country roads, but then they have to go trudging through the countryside looking for the tree that caused this whole mess.
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