a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

NOVEC is not my friend

Their "award-winning" outage map is not working.
Their list of outages and projected times for repair has not been updated since 9 PM last night.
According to WTOP, "NOVEC customers can get an estimated time for their restoration by calling 703-335-0500." This is absolute bullshit. This number is an outage reporting line, and there is NO information regarding repairs available on that line.

I finally gave up and called the regular toll-free number (1-888-335-0500) as though this were an original outage. The response I got was "This outage has already been reported. Your projected time of restoration is 11 PM, January 29th."

I liked my life a little bit better yesterday when the map worked and the outage line was telling pleasant lies.

ETA: The map has reappeared here: http://www.novec.com/Stormcenter/index.cfm and they've cut the number of people out of power on my street's incident report from 191 to 81, so they are making some kind of progress. 170. I wonder who the lucky 21 people were?
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