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Sometimes you get to see them again...

The pride and pain of being a goat breeder (or any animal breeder for that matter) is that I have to sell my goats. I can't keep everyone, or else I wouldn't be able to have more kids each spring. In the fall of 2006, I sold Justin to a woman in Maryland who wanted a stud for her pygora farm. She recently decided it was time for new blood, and posted a "for sale" advertisement on one of the lists that I frequent. Because it had a picture, I now have a current view of Justin to compare to his baby photos .

Justin 7-15-06 Justin 7-15-06
The kids were moved to the (now-recovered) back pasture. Here's Justin enjoying the tall grass.
Justin is all grown up! Justin is all grown up!
The woman who bought Justin is ready to sell him, and so I saw this photo advertising him on one of the goat lists. He is four years old now, and I don't know that I would have recognized him except for the horns and coloring. His face is SO LONG! Son of Crystal by Jared.

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