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March of Dimes, 2011

Ok, everyone, here it goes...

For the past five years, my company has been sponsoring the March of Dimes Walk for Babies. Due to the amazing support of family and friends, last year, I was second-highest fundraiser for the group. I'm fundraising again, and walking again, because I can. I don't want kids. But that's not what matters. What matters here is that the people who do like kids, and who do want children, have the healthy babies they desire. In short, I have awesome relatives who are the next generation, and everyone should have kids as fabulous - and healthy - as those guys.

Our national health care system isn't much of a system. It is pieces and patches all over the place. The March of Dimes is one of those patches. It covers a huge hole in the hearts of families whose babies have trouble even making it into the world. March of Dimes works first and foremost against premature birth and birth defects, through education classes and health assistance. (Read about their mission here.)

I am hoping that you can work with me to continue that coverage, support, and care. Please consider clicking on the banner below to donate to my fundraiser. Throw in your budget for premium coffee this week, or that new hardback book. That extra $10 or $20 is another set of vitamins, another vaccine, another blood test. ... And, thank you!

ETA: Thank you, Sylfae Family, for my first pledge!
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