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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Nature is a Mother (or wants to be one, anyway) 
16th-Feb-2011 10:31 am
Goldie pbhttt
Poor Jessie-goat. I would have to check my records, but I think she's about nine years old. She was sheared last week, and she has such bad arthritis as to be completely off of her back left leg at the moment due to the cold. She doesn't seem to mind, and the vet doesn't think it's anything exciting. (I'm unwilling to wrestle her for asprin dosing until he says so.)

Unfortunately, she's also back in heat. So nature dictates that she has to stand down at the gate and call for the boys. It breaks my heart to see her standing there with her head stuck through the gate, shuddering with cold, one leg dangling off the ground. But I can't convince her otherwise. So I left her a couple of flakes of hay next to the gate to eat whenever she takes a break from singing. And the water buckets are right there too.

Also, yes, I have coats for the goats. I could put one on her, but then she would get hung up trying to get to her favorite lunchtime rumination spot between the hayrick and the barn. It's lose-lose.
25th-Feb-2011 02:11 am (UTC)
Hiiiii. I understand from other goat owners that goats will cycle into heat almost until they drop dead.
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