a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Help spread some sunshine!

Ok, I have a rather random request/challenge for all ya-all out there in LJ land!

My grandparents are celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary on the 21st. I will be there in person to deliver the family well-wishes. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to send me a photo of you, your family, random neighborhood children, your pets. You can be anywhere you like - in a snow drift, in a sunset, or even next to your favorite flower display in the grocery store. But you need to have a sign that is visible in the photo that sends a message to them. "Happy Anniversary!" or "Happy 69th Anniversary" are good signs, or "Wishing you the best!" is good, but you are welcome to say whatever you think would be well-received by a 94 and 91 year old. Please be cute and quirky! Be expressive and fun! They spend all day in a nursing home, so send some smiles!

Things to know (in case you want to put them in the sign, or make them contextual to the photo): Grandma Bobbie (Barbara) & Grandpa John are 91 and 94 years old respectively. They have plenty of friends and family, including now 10 great-grandchildren. They love flowers and gardens, nature, the ocean, travel, and children. Grandpa claims to not like cats, and he adores dogs.

Send you high-resolution photo, collage, scrapbook page, etc. to reedrover at livejournal dot com. If I get enough of these, I will make an album next Friday, March 18th to take with me to their party. THANKS!!

Feel free to cross-post. If I don't know the people in the photo or can't remember them when I get to the party, I can make up good stories...
Tags: family, humor, travel

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