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March of Dimes update

It's Friday, and spirits are pretty high here at the office. I've seen some happy e-mail traffic going by, and want to pass along some fun news and events for everyone who is interested in the March of Dimes effort.

1) The "Jeans for Babies" initiative here at work has raised over $2,600 in eleven months. That's pretty darn awesome.

2) The wife of a co-worker is a Pampered Chef consultant, and she is very interested in helping out my company's March of Dimes effort. With the generous donation of a house more local than mine, there will be a Pampered Chef party coming up on April 16th at 2 PM. 15% of the proceeds 25% of the intake from the sales will be donated to March of Dimes. So there will be food, goodies, and stuff to buy, and you can make your purchase knowing that the markup is going to a good cause!

Would you like to attend, or place a website order? If so, please send me an e-mail to reedrover@livejournal.com with your first and last name (and how you know me, if maybe you are an LJ-only person). I'll send you an e-mail invitation with all of the details as to when and where, and also how you can place a website order if you can't make the party in person.

3) We are having a "Baja for Babies" night at the Fairfax Town Center Baja Fresh from 4-10 PM on Tuesday, April 12th. That's at 12150 Fairfax Town Center, or better known as the shopping center at the intersection of West Ox and Monument Drive (just south of Route 50).

4) There will be a fundraiser at Cafe Amore's Open Mike Night on Saturday April 30th. Tune in for more details.

5) As of the last Team Captain update, I'm the #3 fundraiser in this district/area. Not at work, but in the district. First off, THANK YOU!!!, and secondly, wow, we have a long way to go. I was expecting there to be people with thousands of dollars next to their names. I guess this is not a big-name fundraiser. Want to help change that? Copy my banner and send it out to your friends!

6) If you would like to be a part of this winning team, and support healthy families, please click on the banner below to donate.

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