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March of Dimes - push for the finish

It's three days until we head for the March for Babies at the Nationals Park baseball stadium. It should be a beautiful day, and everyone is welcome to join me at the walk to support healthy babies and families. We'll be kicking off at the unholy hour of 8 AM, with the program and speakers starting at 8:30. Complimentary parking will be available for all of the participants in LOT C, which is located on the corner of 1st Street and N Street.

I want to thank everyone who has donated directly, come to Baja Fresh, purchased from Pampered Chef, and tolerated my many, many LJ posts about this. Thank you very much for your participation and support!

I admit that I'm in a bit of a competition with one of the other people here at work for donations. She blew her $1000 donation goal away too, and has outstripped me in the process. If you are still interested in contributing, and like that competitive feeling as well, please click here and look to the right navigation bar. Thanks!
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