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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
And the bill comes due (for the vet) 
9th-May-2011 03:06 pm
Back on April 21st, I had four of my goats castrated. One of those surgeries was a little more involved than the usual routine. The bill came in at $581.51 for the set of four, and this was with me going there, so there wasn't the site-visit charge added on top.

The charges that are obviously Berry's come out to about $320*. So with just waving my hands, I'd say that Berry-goat now ranks somewhere in the top five for individual goats who have racked up vet costs that concluded with a still-live animal. Summer is still at the top, unsurprisingly, with Loki ($375 a pop), Alys, and maybe Julius following behind.

Refering back to last year's list, the ranking now is something like this:

Summer (mastitis twice, and a week of boarding at the vet) - She's also one of the oldest goats I've got. So her ranking on top is not that surprising.
Loki (nerve-pinch as a kid, dislocated toe with xrays last year) - Born on the farm, one of the oldest goats as well.
Penny (shearing stress/necropsy)
Alys (boarded at the vet for unknown infection)
Berry (abdominal crytporchid, left testicle; castration)

Other goats which have caused excitement and expense over the years include:

Cookie - over-eating/grain-belly emergency call 2010. (Dot got the same thing two days later.)
Bernard - kicked in the head, cold and down at 12 hours old. (2009)
Julius - for unknown weak kid anemia issues at 5 months old. (2008)
Toby - weak neck muscles (couldn't nurse!) in 2005
Sashimi - pneumonia 2004
Jessie - missing kid (didn't really exist) at my second day of kidding, ever, when Aerin was born. 2004
April - down and dying of old age, with two or three vet calls before her death. 2003
Patty - my first goat, and my first experience with bottle jaw. 2002

* The whole bill, with Berry's estimated charge in parentheses.
Office Call - $15.50 ($3.88)
CP Tranquilization - 3 x $18.55 [all but Berry]
General Anesthesia - $103 ($103)
Ketamine - $2.18 (not sure, so all)
Diazepam - $1.13 (not sure, so all)
CP Castration Buck - 3 x $61.80 [all but Berry]
CP Miscellaneous Survery - $145 (all)
Suture Vicryl 2 $36 (all)
Suture Vicryl 1 $18.75 (all)
Suture #3 Supramid $11 (all)
Nuflor - $12.90 [actually for Jessie's toe problems]

Berry = $320.94
Any of the other three goats = $84.22
And in comparison, here's the breakdown for 2008.
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