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Movie review - Thor

We saw Thor last night. It was a good popcorn movie, but not much else. The plot was predictable up to and including some of the actions and actual lines. But that wasn't why I went to see it. I went to see lots of interesting might and magic, for the eye candy that my spinning/knitting group was drooling about, and to maybe see Portman play a normal human being for once.

As far as movie-craft goes, it was a good flick. The special effects were well done, as was the close up and "art shot" cinematography. I can't tell you what the soundtrack sounded like, but I can tell you that it was entirely correctly chosen for the scenes. I was a little regretful that the Ice Demons were so deliberately homogenized, because I even had some trouble recognizing the King Demon, and he had all of those stripes on his face. The movie would have benefited from a two-minute musical montage where we saw Thor develop some kind of rapport with Jane over some length of time longer than what looked like a few days. I did enjoy the four friends of Thor, even as throwaway characters, for bringing a bit of dimension to a very small cast. (And Jaimie Alexander isn't hard on the eyes, either.)

If you have any grasp of Norse mythology at all, please park it at the door. In this movie, Thor is still a brash young man by god standards, and his brother Loki is not a trickster at all, but rather a smooth operator. Odin is a wise, composed old man with a very much younger wife who appears far to queenly to be mistress of hearth and home. Etc.

Even with all of the predictability of plot, I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed how the trope played out. It was not the *what* of the plot, but the *how* that made it so much fun. Of course it was going to be pouring rain and be horribly muddy during that fight scene. Of course he was going to throw the mug. Of course they would ride to the rescue. Etc. The very very end was a weird resonance of Stargate, though. I have to say that I was waiting for an homage to Contact or some weird Ta-da! to pop up at the end, and was much relieved when it was... less exciting than that.

And my total aside from everything is that I recognized Erik as the Russian Captain Tupalov from The Hunt for Red October that came out 21years ago. I watch that movie A LOT if you can't tell.
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