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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Goat show setup 
27th-May-2011 08:54 pm
Hi from my hotel, where I'm watching the gods' own wrath of rain come down. I got most of my panicking and stressing about the show done yesterday, and most of the preparations done too. I packed some last night and some this morning. Achaosofkittens and Darkfyre_Muse helped me load up the goats this morning, and I ended up on the road *early.* (I'm so glad that my packing list is posted to my website. It made the morning that much easier.)

I got to the fairgrounds just as the EAGMA president did too. We discovered that the goat barn was full of picnic tables and other miscellaney, and most of the pens had gopher or groundhog holes in them. And there were no tables or chairs set up in the pavillion for the vendors or the show ring. ::sigh:: So the next hour was spent shoveling in gopher holes while the fairgrounds staff removed the picnic tables and found our regular tables and chairs. Then we unloaded goats. Thankfully it was not so bloody hot as I was expecting. The stiff and constant breeze kept the place quite tolerable.

One of the guys here has the most amazing black/red twin set of baby girl goats. I WANT THOSE GOATS. I have to sell some of mine first. Here's to hoping!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Bethie!
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