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So we are at the end of the first five months of the year. Sure, this isn't quite the halfway mark, but still, I feel like doing an update of sorts.

My new book consumption alternates with re-reading binges, as is evidenced by this month's revisitation of the first two books in the Imager Portfolio, Deerskin, and three Liaden books between Angelology and City of Pearl. Still, when I cut out the reported-upon comic books and the chapbook from the count, I have read twenty-eight new-to-me books so far this year. That kind of report makes me feel good for all kinds of reasons. I'm not *just* going back to visit old haunts and good-book-friends; I'm opening up new worlds. And I like the mix of books that I've read so far. I'm trying out new authors, following some series along, and going back to some books that I "should" have read years ago.

I have more travel planned this month. We'll see what kinds of new book friends I can make on these trips. I still have A Fire Upon the Deep to read, and there is newer stuff too. I have Magic Slays arriving today; Tales from Ur-Bar and Warbreaker sitting in last week's purchase stack; Peacekeeper, The Fiddler's Gun, The Dreamer, and a bunch of other stuff from my Christmas stack still waiting for my eyeballs. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have the mental fortitude to step outside of my comfort zone enough to read Feed.

ETA from 6/6/11 - I finished Magic Slays and Tales from Ur-Bar. That takes the total to 30 "real" books before the end of Q2.
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