a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Asses are additive, but the tomatoes are planted.

I spent the evening out in the yard, doing and fixing, mostly in rather half-assed ways.

The first thing on my list to do and fix was the sprinkler for the llamas. The water valve is currently being left open and on a timer to cycle the sprinkler, but that water valve leaks. So I moved the entire timer/hose/sprinkler assembly to a different water outlet and turned off the one that leaks. The problem was solved the easy way (by turning it off, not by fixing the leak).

The second thing on my list was to weed the ex-snap-pea bed and prepare it for tomato, pepper, and squash plants. I dove in with both hands and pulled everything green out that I could manage to yank. Anything refusing that treatment got either the hoe or the shovel. I didn't get everything pulled out of the bed, just whatever I grabbed in one pass across and around the bed. There's still a fine layer of weeds everywhere. I planted the plants anyway, and absolutely soaked them wet for their first new watering.

While I was in a weeding frenzy, I weeded the rather unhappy bean bed. The bush beans obviously did have a shelf life, since only about 1/4 to 1/5th of the seed beans actually germinated and made it to 6 inches high. There is only one pumpkin plant, and after weeding, it fell over. I'm guessing that it has a rather shallow root system. Oh, well, I watered it too, and crammed in two holes ("hills") of pumpkin seeds that I just bought this spring as some kind of late-late insurance attempt. And I managed not to pull out the three volunteer marigolds. Yay for marigolds!

So, two half-assed jobs makes for a whole ass, or something like that. Which is what I worked off while in the garden. My hands and arms are sore. But I'm neither sunburnt nor bug-bitten, and everything is planted, so I win.

P.S. Not that I am complaining, mind you, but I have seen so few ticks so far this season...

I finked out on the hockey game tonight. I want to go, but I'm too tired to make the drive.
Tags: garden, llamas

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