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Yours till Niagara falls...

I saw "Niagara Falls" today. And so I learned that the falls are actually two waterfalls, neither of which is named "Niagara." The first thing that I did after getting through the visitor center was head to the overlook/observation tower and the Maid of the Mists boat tour, which was serendipitous timing. The boat tour comes with big plastic ponchos to help protect the tourists from spray. And just as the boat was approaching the Horseshoe Falls, there was a crash of thunder and the rain started.

Due to time pressures, I had to choose some things to miss out on. I skipped the aquarium on account of having seen that kind of thing before. I also skipped the 40 minute movie on the history of the falls, figuring that I can find that on Discovery sometime if I care. I did go to the Discovery Center, which was 80% natural history and a jumble of human intervention. I also went to Terrapin Point, which was interesting enough in the grey haze that it must be stunning in the sunlight. Sadly, Cave of the Winds wasn't nearly as much fun as it would have been if the day were hot and sunny. I really just didn't see the appeal in getting even wetter and colder than I already was.

It rained pretty much nonstop from that moment on the tour boat at the very beginning of my visit up right until I decided to leave, at which point the sun started winning again. But hey, while my photos are all grey from top to spray, at least I had my fashion statement of a blue poncho keeping my camera and bag dry all day. I wasn't the only one, either. There were hordes of blue-clad tourists all day. I hope I got at least some good photos anyway...
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