a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

How about a detour from next year's goat show?

Dad just came through with a copy of his Model Railroader magazine, in which there is an article about a new train exhibit going into the town of Sugarcreek, Ohio. This exhibit will house quite a number of trains collected by the prior owner of the Ohio Central Railroad. At "12-inch to a foot scale" (direct quote), this will be quite a large (ha ha) collection. The collection will be on over 30 acres, and will feature a roundhouse, water tower, and eventually an apprentice/maintenance shop where railroader knowledge will be passed to the next generation.

Next year, the spring goat show is in Wooster, Ohio. According to various mapping programs, visiting Sugarcreek would take me approximately 15 minutes out of my way (each way). And so now I'm pondering whether the goats would mind me adding at least an hour to an approximately seven hour drive so that I could go ogle the trains.
Tags: family, festivals, goats, travel

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