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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
102 degrees but all is well 
29th-Jul-2011 06:19 pm
I raced home this evening to hopefully catch any animals before heatstress became heatstroke, and I think I won. The only animal looking anywhere more than just plain hot was Astor. He looked miserable (rather than just darned hot), so I brought him a new bucket of cold water to where he was settled down in the shade. He got up and stood right at the bucket with his head hanging over the rim, sipping and panting, then looking around, then sipping again. Repeat. Everyone else kind of wandered over to whatever bucket was closest, sampled the new cold water, then wandered away to a new shady spot. Hercules didn't want to play in the hose, and didn't particularly want water, but would be happy with more hay, thanks. I'll probaby dose Astor with goat goop tonight when I go back out with fresh hay and red cell for Astor and Constantine.
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