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Game on! (The 2012 kid season has started)

Today's goat remixing went entirey smoothly. The four of us (Achaosofkittens, Lilwolfgirl22, Quixotic_Goat) moved everyone without any escapes or injuries. The mix this year is a little different for Dahlia and Mona. Everyone else is pretty much in the usual suspect groups.

Jared: Sashimi, Jessie, Mona. The expectation here is a whole lot of black, hopefully with some racing stripes.
Cookie: Dahlia, Anna. I'd like to repeat Anna's successful twinning from last time (Gyre & Gimble) but this time with girls.
Loki: Alys, Talla. I'd like to repeat Alys's first kid, Apollo, in either male or female.

Sashimi has a verbal offer on her from a lady near Charlottesville, so once she's bred I'll be contacting that lady to confirm the deal. Additionally, Jessie's upcoming kids have a tentative offer on them if they come out colorerd and hornless. Jessie's hornless score is 8:10 and her colored score is 8:10, so the chances of her throwing a hornless colored are 16 in 25, or 64%. (Her chance of throwing a horned white is 4%, and has never happened yet.)

For those of you with crystal balls and/or a deep desire to know all the action, the first calculated due date with a gestation length of 150 days is February 2nd, 2012. Please note that last time (two years ago), Mona kidded on the first possible day, no wiggle room, no blinking.

Of course my next discussions will be kid names. I'm still considering Ari, Beka, and Owen for any non-matching three that come out.
Tags: angoras, breeding, goats

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